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Unboxing Popidoli

From the moment a child sees the colorful faces on the outside of the container, Popidoli sparks curiosity and excitement. Inside each box is a highly detailed world with 12 surprises individually wrapped. Not only do they come with an adorable doll, they also include a pet companion and numerous accessories as well as activities. The box is a part of the fun as it can be folded into a playroom that has a unique theme that matches the personality of each doll. Playrooms can also be connected together to expand the fun. Popidoli was honored the Top Fun 2019 award from Tillywig. The Tillywig Top Fun Award is for products that stand out in terms of exceptional design, construction, and play.

Creating Wonderment

Founded in 2002, Cepia LLC, manufacturing toys under Blue Whale™, is a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Combining kid-friendly technology and innovative creations, the company’s fundamental philosophy is to transform simplistic ideas into magical experiences for kids. Ingenuity, creativity, playfulness and passion are the heart of Cepia and Blue Whale.

Created by James Russell Hornsby , Blue Whale/ Cepia LLC is a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, MO. The company launched with a team made up of talented professionals in the toy industry, marking the beginning of a new force in the toy world. When Cepia introduced Zhu Zhu Pets in 2009, the brand exploded. With seven Toy of the Year Awards from across the globe and a spot on Time Magazine's "All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys," Zhu Zhu Pets became Cepia's greatest pride and joy. Popidoli looks to be the next big toy innovation from Cepia.

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About Popidoli

Popidoli™  are fun collectible dolls in boxes filled with surprises. Popidoli are made by Cepia LLC, manufacting under Blue Whale™, a privately held company headquarted in St. Louis, MO. All Cepia LLC toys are sold globally through national chain retail outlets, online and independent toy stores.

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